Monday, March 15, 2010

A Happy Day

is when, a lot is accomplished, a day that is filled with things done. And that is why today is being marked as a happy day in my calendar after ages, because this is how today has shaped up.

1. Kicked myself out of bed in the morning, and made it for my walk. It being, quite cool, and me being very very cosy under my quilt doona/duvet, it was indeed a super duper achievement.

2. Got the BB up, fed and dressed in time to get to the playgroup.

3. Had the lunch ready before we left, since we return home ravenous with hunger.

4. Garam rotis(hot home-made bread) was made, lunch had, and then I went off to make another attempt to bake a cake. The bake has turned out quite decently, mainly because it does not taste like soap, like all the previous ones I tried here. Reason? I was using bi-carb soda instead of baking soda, and that made all the difference. And the books told me they are the same thing, what can I say? But what the heck, nice cake finally done. The base is a bit overdone, but it is still a cake,not soap and hence nice.

5. We received a bag full of home grown spinach from one of the GP's tennis partners yesterday, and I forgot to buy paneer(cottage cheese). The combination of the two, being the only dish in which I have ever liked spinach, meant I either keep the entire thing in the fridge, and wait till I get the paneer or I try making spinach soup, which may or may not turn out nice, and which basically would mean eventually throwing out all the spinach. Nothing appealed to me, palak pakoras were floating in my brain, but this being garden fresh I did not wish to waste the nutrition. Somewhere in my mind, a thought of palak with besan floated. And I concentrated on it some, got an image of what could be done, and what do you think, I churned out a yummy, healthy dish.

6. This was followed by a family stroll in the evening, back , and I finally had my chores for the day done, and could sit down and watch TV or just sit with the laptop. A hassle free luxury I haven't enjoyed in a while, since most of the time I have either stolen my time out of a busy day to do either, or had kept chores on hold. So that really made it a special joy.

So that is what was today, a full day, and now at 9, I am exhausted, completely drained, and cannot wait to go off to la la land. And hope I can sleep this gives-me-a-high exhaustion off. What is your happy day like?


Trish said...

wowwwwwwwww that is a happy day!!Very nice!I am curious..what the dish was?
My happy day is quite similar..A day,when I can do all the things that I plan the right time- yoga in the morning,fresh lunch on time,something crafty in the afternoon,fresh flowers in the garden,dinner and dishes done by 9.00..DH putting the brat to bed,and me..surfing the laptop guilt-free!
Sorry for the long comment.

mommyof2 said...

allu palak is good.. I make it very simple.. oil, jeera then add allus,salt, pepper, haldi.. after 5 minutes add cut palak and let it get done in steam for 20 minutes then dry the water on high flame for 5 minutes with open lid.. done..

you can add onion, garlic ginge tomato in the begining and add dhania powder or any other masala too.. I usually eat it for a day and it goes in parantha the next day. very yummy paranthas:-)

Piper .. said...

:) what a happy day this sounds like Goof!And heyy, same pinch on the palak paneer thing! I cant eat spinach in any other form too :):)
So sometimes, even when there is no paneer at home, I just substitue it with potatoes - it doesnt taste as good of course, but still edible! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow ... that is a wonderful happy day GM! And yes, I totally understandhow the happiness of a day well spent can keep you buoyed for several more days and nights of restful sleep! Enjoy!!

Monika said...

oh i love palak... so what did u make?

Passionate Goof said...

Trish - A full day is so amazing isn't it. The dish was just cooking the palak a bit, and then adding some besan beaten with dahi n masaala to it.

Mommyof2 - Sounds great. Thanks for teh recipe, will try it next time. :) And parathaas, yumm!

Piper - Oh! Palak paneer is one of my most favourite dishes in the world. And what was ur dinner menu like?

T3 - It can indeed. :) Missed having you around, why isn't the blog happening?

Monika - i like it too, but only with paneer. ;) cokked teh palak with some onion n garlic n tomatoes, after a while added the besan beaten with curd, n masaalas. cooked for a few mins. bas!

Monika said...

BTW i made this and it was yummy

Mama - Mia said...

totally sounds like a perfect day! :)

and and the palak and besan is made my maharshtrains often. more liquid in form tho. same thing. beaten dahi, little besan to be mixed with cooked pala along with little ginegr garlic paste. and then a simple tadka of rai, haldi, hing and green chillies! add l'il salt and sugar to taste and you are done.

must make it myself!