Sunday, February 21, 2010

Taking On Our Genes

The BB is tiered of seeing just the GP and me handling the cameras in this household. And he obviously sees up having fun with ours. The one time he laid his hands on a camera, it was made very clear to him, that he is not supposed to do that. So he has is own camera now, which he uses, when he sees either of us clicking photos, he always wants to be clicking, instead of being the one who poses. He of course is quite professional in his work, and replicates the exact sounds, of the lens focusing. Here are a couple of shots of the budding photographer in the family.

The sitting position, is because, I sit down to get to his eye level while clicking his portraits.

On another note, the BB recently had a haircut, a professional one that is, after the home-made disaster. since I have not even mentioned that one, the BB tried out cutting his own hair, at home. Unfortunately I caught him with the scissors, after a snip or two, by which time the damage was done. The scissors had been kept at a level unreachable to him, but he is a growing boy, and pretty much each day, attaining new heights, and hence he managed to find the scissors. Fortunately they were the tiny plastic ones. Coming back to the haircut, seeing what he had done, I tried to balance out the uneven-ness to the best oh my abilities. The GP came home, and did some more with his trimmer. And then we decided to let it grow a bit and get him a professional hair cut. So this time, we went to the GPs barber and got the BB a haircut from there. He sat patiently and quietly, got his hair cut and trimmed. And that was followed by the barber, spiking up his hair with gel. The BB looked smashing with the spikes in place. The GP did not allow the hair to be washed, or the spikes to be straightened out, all of that day!


Monika said...

awwww i bought ojas his camera too after he attempted to use mine needless to add his lying in one corner and mine is the one he tries to use still and it results in a huge showdown

u are tagged

when will my day come when will the time come when my brat will allow anyone to work on his hair????????????????????????

Smitha said...

Awww! That is so cute! He is innovative!

They pick up on so many things! He even copies your posture! It is amazing :)

So BB loved having a haircut :) Spiked hair too :) Now that is style :)

Sraboney said...

He's cute and looks cuter with his new haircut...

Trish said...

Hahahha soo cute!!And the spikes..Woww!!super cool!

Deeps said...

How sweet! A budding photographer in the making,huh! Look at the way he is focusing with his my!

BB sat through the hair cut,bravo! I remember when we took Namnam for hers the first time, she screamed at the top of her voice as though we were putting her through some kind of torture :D :D

Piper .. said...

:) what a perfect sweetheart he is! :)

Passionate Goof said...

Monika - i tried that with the laptop. Doesn't work! The BB used to have a hard time earlier, in the kiddy salon too, this was his first time in a regular adult one, and went well. :D And why oh why have u tagged me!!!

Smi - Yes he is, coz we don't let him fiddle with our cameras, no matter how much he pines for it. Yay spiked, it was so cool indeed.

Bones - Yes he doess. :)

Trish - I know, any wonder the kids are so spoilt these days.

Deeps - I know, he even replicates the sounds perfectly. And teh hairvcut, was not his first, he has bawled to his hearts content in the initial few we did in Sharjah in the kiddy-salon, it is only now he is Ok with things, and thsi was his first time in a regular men's salon.

Piper - Thanks. :D

Pixie said...

Awww... :)
he looks so so cute! :) :)

hitch writer said...

serioously these kids want a camera eh.. and I dont blame them with our obsession so evident... my kid has his small cam too... !! but he does realise that mine is the one he wants... ! :(

need to see the new hairstyle.. spiked hair... aha !!!! must be awesome !

Passionate Goof said...

Pixie - :) I know.

Hitchy - Aah! You have bought your son one of those fake ones too have you, knowing the BB, it will be just a waste of money for me...... Will mail u the pic. :D

Solilo said...

BB looks so cute.