Friday, February 5, 2010

Shame Shame Jaspreet Singh

Just after the incident of an Indian man being burnt in my neighbourhood, I had written a post, about the angst and fear I felt. The attacks on people of Indian origin have been happening for a while here and everyone has acknowledged that the violence needs to be controlled in the area, even if whether the attacks are racial in nature or not, is still being debated. This is something the whole world is keeping an eye on at this point of time.

The Victorian government agencies have, but naturally, a defensive attitude. Though they cannot help but accept the fact that there is indeed unnecessary violent attacks happening, and they need to be controlled. Of so many attacks if not all, atleast a few have definitely been racial in nature, and this is the right time, to have the government investigate that and deal with the radical elements in the society. Things seemed to be going right on track, just the right way, till a certain Mr. Jaspreet Singh came up with his grand plans, and gave the government a good reason to pass the buck right back at the Indians.

AN Indian man who said he was set alight by assailants near his Melbourne home last month accidentally burned himself while torching his car for an insurance claim, police allege.

Is what opens the article. And I am stunned. This man, at such a sensitive time, behaved in the most insensitive and unbelievable fashion possible for persona, financial gain. He does not seem to be someone needing money for his daily bread, so this incident just reeks of greed. I will not say..... Indians are like this or that, because I truly believe people belonging to any nationality, would do such things for money, infact so many do it. Insurance fraud is more rampant in western countries, which provide insurance coverage, than does India. The thing is his timing could not have been worse! Just when things were making a headway, the police commissioner accepted the presence of racial elements, and openly spoke about the need to work on it, up comes the i*&#@ Mr. Singh and botches it all up. I personally want to curse him for giving me the terrible scare and entirely spoilt weekend, which included a dinner party, that he did! Each time I saw him walking out of the court on the telly, I felt like throwing something at him. The audacity the man has, to say

Does he have neither sense nor shame? While it would not matter much to me, if this incident had taken place at any other time, in the current situation, he seems to be acting like an agent for the Victorian government, giving them just the excuse they need to shift blame. His stupid stupid act has hurt the entire Indian community and their credibility in the worst way possible right now. The Premier Mr.Johm Brumby, has obviously found exactly what he needed, and is slamming the Indian media and government right back after all the flak they have received from those very quarters. Though i don't see it in the print media, the news on TV yesterday claimed, that Brumby said, people are forming a mistaken opinion of a violent Victoria, because of people like Jaspreet Singh. I don't know if he has really said that, but if he has, he needs a reality check.

It is just sad, that a time when India and Indians needed to be in the right, so that the attacks on the Indians here could have been rightly investigated, a fellow Indian has let us down so bad. Shame Shame Jaspreet Singh, I am really really disappointed with you.

Another piece of investigation about an Indian, Ranjodh Singh killed in NSW, led to murderers, who themselves are Indians, and so it can be safely said, the killing was not racial in nature, esp since it was done by people of the very same community. Yes, community is very important people, never should an Indian forget that whether he is living in India or abroad. I don't know whether I should be happy or not, but honestly at a very personal level, I am ashamed of the show of communal-ism we Indians portray. When I looked up Indian associations in the neighbourhood, this is what I found. These are separate associations for Punjabis, Bengalis, Maharashtrians, Kahmiris, Telegus and more. And I am quite sure each one will boast of larger number of members than the 'Indian' association. It really hurts to know I belong to a country, where we don't belong to the country, but to states and communities, and whatever other stupid nonsensical subdivisions we have. Maybe India should actually be divided into strips of land, for each of these subdivisions, and then maybe I can openly cry for losing something that does not even exist.


sraikh said...

Shame on him!!
And the whole distinction between Indians is funny. The North versus the South and then the Marathis and what nowt

Silvara said...


i know how you feel - I immediately was like WTF - what terrible timing! The issue was more grey than what people are looking at it with suddenly got more clearer and not in a good way. people are waiting for opportunities like this to shift blame and prejudice. It's stupid and cowardly of him to have even thought about that!

As for the associations - you're right - it's funny how even in a country where we are considered one community we divide ourselves even more.

To be fair - my parents were part of the founding members of the Hindi Niketan, back when there were no associations at all. And the events etc that they held were open for all - community no bar. The FIAV is the over-arching association that brings all the other ones together, but even despite that we have many many events here that don't divide between communities (e.g. the huge Diwali mela - wait for that one - and Holi is coming up as well :D)

soin said...

its good to know our indians have not given up the indianess in them.even after going to a different continent they still hold up our traditions of sectism,castism and all those.soon shiv sena will have a wing there and claim sydney should allow only marathi inidians coz the first indian immigrant there was a marathi.i love my

Passionate Goof said...

Sraikh - It is super sad indeed.

Silvara - It is just so sad he pulled a stunt like that, at such a time. A diwali mela? wow! Looking forward to it already.

Soin - I love the way you have put it. It is just so so so sad!

Piper .. said...

Gosh! I cant imagine someone actually coming up with a disgusting idea like this! :(:(

Shades of Grey said...

If you go by the definition of racism or racist I do not think one can call these attacks as being racist in nature. The attacks on Indians are not out of a sudden surge in hatred or animosity towards us - if so it would have started a long, long time ago as our people have been there for a while. There are just more Indians in Oz now, many of them young students who have money and are easy targets of crime. People have certain perceptions about certain races - which in part may even serve to protect those races - like "Hey don't mess with a black guy, he could kick your ass - and if he can't, he probably has friends who can." Don't mess with the Chinks (another racist term) - they all know karate or kung fu, they even have their own gangs."

Jaspreet Singh really made things worse for Indians over there. Nobody wants to say, "Indians are easy targets - no one fears them." But at the same time, we can't quite label Ozzies as having a particular hatred towards our people. May be in my head, the word racist connotes visions at a Nazi level. I realise things need not go that far in order to get such a label - but where do we draw the line? Deep down I feel maybe we are encouraging even more Ozzie animosity more by calling them racists...