Monday, February 8, 2010

Hind Desh Ke Nivaasi Sabhi Jan Ek Hain

Rang roop vesh bhaasha chahen anek hain!

(All people residing in the land of India are equal,
Though colour, looks, attires and languages maybe many.)

The Thakeray(thakeley describes the idiots better, me thinks!) clan of illiterate fools, who know no other language, but Marathi have obviously never seen or understood this absolutely amazing video. This is one of my childhood favourites, and I sneak in a view whenever I can. And when I was watching this with the BB today, the first line just stood out to me, and made me realise, how this was not just a lesson in singular and plural. Such a simple, small animation, and yet so powerful in what it says and preaches. I so so pity those politically motivated, self centered, power hungry crazed loons, who are dividing the country, and acting all righteous to top that. MNS and Shiv Sena are nothing but small time terrorist outfits, and the Indian govt., being the fool that it is, is not realising that and stopping them now, they will wait to regret it, when instead of sticks and stones these people will have guns and bombs in their hands.

I am writing this openly to you Thakerays(From the Shiv Sena, MNS gang of goons), and their either absolutely foolish or totally power lusty ruffians. But then again, you know nothing but Marathi, will you be able to comprehend what is written here, or just continue being the ignorant, stubborn asses you are? Anyways, here goes nothing.

"You are so foolish to think that Maharashtra can be isolated from the rest of India and made to thrive. It cannot. But then being the shrewd people that you are, you possibly already know this, and are doing your bit of drama to get attention and popularity is it not? I wonder how you sleep at night knowing the amount of damage you are causing to the common man's life in India, or to be more precise Maharashtra. All I am suggesting is, that do see the video above, get a person to translate it to you in Marathi, and understand what the video says. We are all Indians, and the whole country belongs to each one of us.

If you cannot do any good to anyone, atleast don't harm people. You are nothing more than a high-school bully scaring the weak and the poor. None of the big entrepreneurs in Bombay are Maharshtrian. Take on the Ambanis, the Tatas or the Birlas for a day or even just a couple of hours if you so believe in your 'cause' , and then you will know your true place. Pathetic, that is the only word I have for you.

PS -
ata jha ani ek bhashantarak,shodhun ya ,hey Vaakya samjhayla!!
(Now go, and get a translator to tell you what is written here.) "

I think Maharashtrians, Punjabis, Tamilians, Oriyas and all other communities are equal. Each one has something special to offer to the nation. I don't think Andhra would do well by driving out all Maharashtrians(just an example), just as Maharashtra wouldn't by driving out the rest. And it is high time that everyone started realising this fact, every INDIAN, who believes that he is an Indian more than anything else. No one is better than the other, each one has that special bit about them.


Trish said...

*Clap CLap Clap* Goofy!
This is what I like about you..we all think..but u think and write!
Fundu post..:D

Sraboney said...

Ah, this ad brings back memories...

Well said, GM!

MRC said...

:D Well said!! Going to watch the video with the hubby, when he gets back from work. Remember the jingle so clearly!

Renu said...

very well said..Thackerey's dont even think for a minute that their stand will make life difficult for maharashtrians only who are living outside maharshtra..would they bring back all of them to Mumbai?

Passionate Goof said...

Trish - I am floored by that Trish, and you know you contributed to the punch in the post. ;)

Bones - I know, I love the video!

MRC - Me too, I love it.

Renu - They don't think, they just are greedy dogs, who want power, at any cost,w hat they don't realise is , it is going to backlash on them really bad one day soon!

soin said...

you are over estimating thackrey,he doesnt have that much iq to think of consequences..hell he cant process about the present.he just randomly open a magazine,whose photo in that page he

Solilo said...

Aah! nostalgia. Love that 'Hind desh ke..' advt.

I wish all our political parties stop this drama of regional and language bias. Also, wish the the elected govt. stand up against the goons instead of turning the whole thing into their vote bank.

Anonymous said...

I loved this video GM:) brought back so many memories of childhood:)

have this video among others embedded in a draft on the same topic:)

loved this write:)
and most of all loved the message you have morons who seek to divide us !

Passionate Goof said...

Soin - LOL! You are probably right there.

Soli - They are too self centred to care about anything but getting into power.

Indy - Oh! This is my super favourite video from bachpan!