Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Valentine Date

Since it is Valentine's, and mushy posts are just not my thing, I thought of penning down what an ideal Valentine's date would be for me. The assumptions obviously include no BB, a day which does not require the GP to be at work, the presence of a hot and happening motorbike, and a very very nice cloudy day. You get the idea I think.

So if I can just wish, just blindly, for a perfect date this Valentine's, this is how it would go. I would get up in the morning, about 20 kgs lighter, and a pre-mommy body. Get dressed in a pair of jeans, and a gorgeous sexy top. A happening leather jacket, and yes, a pair of knee length boots.

The GP will pick me up, bunch of long stemmed white roses in hand, on his bike, and off we would be for the day. Riding along beautiful country roads, stopping near a quiet stream for some lunch and pics. Some cootchie cooing, romancing, and just generally enjoying. And then heading back off on the road. I just love the feel of the breeze on my face on a bike, holding on tightly to the GP, and chatting over the sound of the breeze. An evening on a beach, would be just perfect then. Some cutting of cake maybe, some really spicy Indian chaat(yes I miss it very very much) followed by a supremely romantic a hand-in-hand moonlight walk, the waves lashing at our feel , just a feeling of pure bliss.

Happy valentine's people, now tell me, how do you picture your ideal valentine date?


Reflections said...

Lovely, just lovely:-)!!!!!

Mine is quite close to urs except some long stemmed roses and choclates figure somewhere in between;-D

Monika said...

and here is mine :)

happy valentines day

soin said...

and heres mine..forgive for so much mushines..

Smitha said...

Flowers and delicious food and lots of talking, and going for a nice long unhurried walk, in a breezy place. We did a lot of this during our US trip - totally romantic for me :)

mindspace said...

i would make garland of shells and wear it along with a dress of leaves n flowers.. do a belly dance around the bonfire to woo my valentine.. he will catch fish n i will roast them on the fire.. we will take a long walk on the sand enjoying the waves n then lie in each others arms star gazing and singing some romantic numbers for each other..

this was the winning entry for valentine day celebration (if stranded on a lonely island), at some radio station yday..

ur post reminded me of that :)
as for my idea of V date, the kind of life i have had over the last 3 years with amit, i really dont look forward to a particular day to do things i want to or would love to do... we fortunately have been doing them as n when it came to mind, almost sporadically..(touch wood)but as i am typing there is one thing that comes to mind n that i hvnt done in his company is 'just lying on a hammock at a place where we can hear the waves and feel the breeze...'


Anonymous said...

hoo boy! that is quite a valentine Date :D:D

Mine would be somewhat similar (in that would be with PM and roses et al)
only thing is I am scared of being on a bike :((
so its either walking or cars...:))
Dinner by candlelight , music and dancing would just about complete it:)

Piper .. said...

:):) lovely!!!! So how was V-DAY? :)

Solilo said...

Hai Hai..

GM. Can I whistle? So whatcha happenin there? --wink--

Sraboney said...

So, how did your V day turn out?

Passionate Goof said...

Reflections - I don't need the chocolates, but i did mention roses!!

Monika - I read, you mountain lover..... I want my beach!

Soin - let me hop over to read!

Smitha - Aww... so advance mein hi celebration ho gaya, very nice. And what was Poohi doing during this time?

Mindspace - And I was thinking this is your idea.... Nice plans though. Aah those newly amrried pre-baby days, sirf romance-shomance, very nice.

Indy - Yay! You no like bikes??? Me looooooooooooves them.

Piper - It was nice, post coming up soon. :D

Solilo - Go ahead! It was nice, we had a rather full and happy day today, post coming up soon!!

Sraboney - It was fun. How about you?