Monday, February 1, 2010

Web Views

Australia is a land of snakes, spiders and all other kinds of insects, or is atleast famed to be such. That it has beautiful and unique wildlife, is not news to anyone. While I am still to spot any snakes around, I have seen spiders aplenty, but they are the tiny, ones, which I have seen a dime a dozen back in India too, and am pretty sure are harmless.

Cobwebs have fascinated me, since the time I saw black and white Hindi movies, about, ghosts, spirits and the supernatural. These movies always had shots of huge cobwebs in dilapidated, uninhabited houses. And I was always amazed at the gorgeous shape and perfect, intricate structure of completely formed cobwebs. With plenty of spiders around, and a new camera around, I have tried a few shots of them.

In my backyard, when went out to dry my laundry. The spider was a quarter of a regular mosquito in size, and hiding in one of the clips.

In the wild outdoors, on one of our day trips.This one is a 'whole' web!


Shrutzz said...

am scared of them......eeekkssssss

D said...

I also wanted to click webs but could never get results that I wanted. It's an intriguing subject for photography. But like I said before, I'm so glad you're making such good use of your camera and having fun with it!

Trish said...

Wowww!beautiful! really..Woww!

Passionate Goof said...

Shruti - I am that way with reptiles!

D - I think to get the perfect results you would need a dark background, so that the web can show clearly, difficult to get that in the daytime, in the outdoors. However, if you spot a cobweb, try shooting it at night, with a flash, may work, just guessing, but the lens may not focus well if its too dark.... give it a try and let me know!

Trish - Thankee sweety!