Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Valentine's Day Loot

Valentine's this year was the biggest and brightest for the youngest member of the goofy family. It was the BB's day all through the 14th. He was showered with an amazing number fo gifts and toys, and I am still with an ear to ear grin about it. Not only the gifts, but he got something he adores, a bike. His own bike, with his very own helmet. He was not prepared to leave the display piece in the shop alone, and was pretty much ready to bring it back home with him. It took all the combined convincing powers of the GP and me, to have him believe that, the box in our shopping cart was infact the very same thing.

The entire set of gifts.

The bike assembled, and off it goes!

No time for shoes, but the helmet made its way.

The BB awaited with bated breath for the cycle to be opened up, hovered around the GP while he put it together, and ran off almost as soon as it was done. Yes, he does love it. And no, my darling of a husband did not forget me. I have a pair of white-gold loops to show off now!

PS - I am trying to do a month-long no break blogging thing this month, and hence removed this post after it was mistakenly published yesterday, since I had done one for the day, and my shrunk brain has about as much ideas to post everyday!


MRC said...


The last pic really doesn't need a caption!!:D

Trish said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..soo cool!! the little girl in our house has been promised one for her birthday..its a task to drag her out of the toys store or aisle! love the blackboard!
Where's a picture of the hoops?

Sraboney said...

Cool...I want that bike!

Passionate Goof said...

MRC - I know!!

Trish - :D I know, they so take to toys, the BB goes for the cars. Will show u the loops, when we meet next!

Bones - Come over and take a ride. ;)

Reflections said...

Wah, wah kya baat hai, can just imagine BB's excitement;-D

And what did u get GP????

Reflections said...

And u r posting everyday....Wow, is it tht Nablopomo[hope the spelling is right;-D]?????

Its quite challenging, kudos, will be cheering u from the sidelines from now on;-)).

Mystic Margarita said...

Happy V-Day to you and the BB! He looks adorable in the helmet, btw! :D

Passionate Goof said...

Reflections - I have not got him anything so far. He wants me to pay for developing the first roll of his new medium format camera. That is what he adamantly stuck to, and did not even let me buy him an ice cream, so I am waiting for him to complete one roll.
Yes I am trying this, just for fun, who knows when inspiration will stop striking and I will fall flat. Smart me, picked the shortest month of the year. ;)

Mystic Margarita - To you too. Hope to see more posts from you girl. :D The helmet, well its glued on his head all day long these days!

Piper .. said...

so, so cool :):) he must love it!!
I loveee the red helmet! :)