Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Poll This For Me

This is a short, to the point post, and I am doing this, to get some peace of mind. When we shifted here, I had some of my things packed and sent here through air-cargo. I looked up online, and found a service, which handled international relocations, called India Relocation. There were no big things, like furniture or white goods, but stuff like curios, toys, some bedding, clothes, which I needed to ship, because they went way beyond my airline baggage limit. The things arrived here in shambles. Lots of things were missing, and of the rest, many were broken and terribly damaged. The services for transport were provided by TNT, and so you know very well what I have to say about them.

I called up TNT, and lodged a complaint on the 24th of Dec 2009. Nothing has happened so far. They say they will forward claim forms to the person who booked it from India, namely a Mr. Sandeep Sharma from India Relocation. When I follow it up with Mr. Sharma, he says he is working towards getting the forms, though I doubt that, since he has pretty much no concrete thing to show. he says he will forward me his communication ie the chain of mails, with TNT/DTDC, but has not forwarded a single thing to me so far. Also I cannot be sure where the things went missing, since so so many people were involved, did India relocation keep some of it for themselves or is it TNT to blame. But each time I think of all the wonderful things that I have lost, I feel so enraged. And yet I wonder if pestering or following up, really matters, because I cannot be sure it is being followed up from the other end. I think, now, I want to forget about the whole episode and give up the whole thing, because I don't think I can get any concrete results here. Its been a big loss, because I have paid for transportation of things, which were never actually sent, paid for packing, which was not done, things had just been randomly dumped in the boxes which were finally shipped, while they were packed really well under my supervision back in India, and hence finally have reached here broken and damaged. But I don't see a point in being upset about it, and just making my own blood boil. The worst is they have damaged and taken away things that were brand new, besides this gorgeous wall hanging my grandmother had made for me. My heart cannot stop bleeding for it.

Does anyone here think, there is a point in pursuing it, because if the things have been removed before being handed over to TNT, what is left for me to find. And anyone looking to relocate and transport their good, STAY AWAY FROM INDIA RELOCATION and TNT. Absolutely worthless service and reliability. Just a total waste of money. I am really counting on you guys to help me out here, to decide about whether to do anything about this or not. I am just swaying between two extremes right now, not sure about what to do. If you are reading this, please, do leave a comment with atleast a 'yes' - follow it up, or a 'no' here to help me decide. And for all those who say fight for this, please show me a way!!!

PS - Based on the first few comments. I have followed it up, lodged a complaint, followed it up with the India Relocation guys, called up TNT here a no. of times. But as such I cannot do anything hands on. So do you think the follow up will bear results? I have done the start up/follow up. Tell me if you think there is else I can concretely do.


Pixie said...

Oh Dear! That's terrible! :(
When we moved back from the US when I was a kid, we lost an entire box of stuff filled with toys and shoes... my folks didn't pursue it and we still miss the box :(

No constructive advice... I'm sorrt dear! but, dishing out loads of hugs! Hope this helps in you deciding the right thing to do...

Renu said...

follow up is a must...at least your follow up may help some other person like you in future, because if you follow up atleast they will think twice before being careless.

Trish said...

OMG!Thats so sad..Its hard losing your life's treasures..they are just priceless.
i would say follow it up..even if it resolves nothing..u will know that u tried.

sraikh said...

Hmm.. I would follow up. Usually did you pay for insurance? I'm sure you must have...File the claim. Send emails cc the whole company chain.

I hope something works out for you.
My poor sister who moved from US to India, her stuff tooks 8 months to arrive, can you freaking imagine.

PS:Did you write the chain wala post?

D said...

That's like a nightmare! I have no experience in this department and therefore no clue about what advice I should be doling out to you. But I do hope whatever you decide to do works out well. And let me add, I'm actually feeling very angry about this too!

Smitha said...

Omigod!! How unaccountable can professionals get! You know blogging about it might help too. You could also attach the link of this post and send it to these guys - the pressure of being named and shamed online might persuade these guys to be more accountable! I think Nita had written once about how blogging about some issue had made a difference, and she had got an apology, if I remember right.

I think you should follow up. These guys hope that people will give up. I have seen that if we persist, they might end up looking into it seriously. And either way, you would know that you did your best. I hope this works out. It is terrible when things like this happen!

roop said...

GM, I wouldn't advise you to not follow up. You should keep following up. However, keep your expectations below zero. I told you that already when you told me about this company when you shipped the stuff.

Keep trying but there might come a time where you'd have to accept that was a mistake was made and nothing can be changed now. Don't be upset though. Shit happens. I told you that I lost all my certificates and degrees during our move to US from UK, rite? Accidentally, threw them somewhere, I don't know.

but yea, mistakes happen. especially in big moves like the one u guys just made. stuff always gets lost. all my make-up got lost somewhere in our most recent move to the new house DESPITE our EXTREME care! it happens.

but that doesn't mean you shouldn't follow up. just don't be hard on yourself is all. don't be angry and hurt yourself in the process. un ka kuchh nahi jaayega. :/ they'll still remain in business.

Passionate Goof said...

First off, thanks everyone for feeling enraged by this, and sorry for me. Next since, no one is telling me to just forget about it, and that is all I want to do right now, here is what I have to say. I have pursued it, as much as I can. All I can do is call up, the TNT here and the India Relocation idiots there. No one is fetching me results. The claim forms, if given will be given to the people who booked the shipment, and if they are not collecting it, then what do I do?? The shipment was not booked by me. So I think its best I don't go on about this, because each time I call anyone of them, I just end up getting agitated and upset. And hence, its time I bid this issue good bye I think! Anyone, who has actually stolen and broken my things, will pay their dues I am sure.

Reflections said...

Agree with Smitha...blogging helps esp when u r naming them publically...they'll think twice b4 handling somebody else's things carelessly

magiceye said...

as a last resort do write to the CEOs of both companies with copies of any correspondence that you have had so far, giving them a time frame of a fortnight to respond. if they do not then rant about it to all the tabloids and major newspapers as also some consumer fora.

Passionate Goof said...

Reflections - That is what is done in this post.... so!

Magiceye - Sandeep Sharma is the ownder fo India Relocation, so I guess the buck stops there, as far as he is concerned!! :(

The Restless Quill said...

If you're insured, then consumer court is your answer.

Consumer forums are many and very helpful, even if you don't live in India. Also they work really quickly. Drag Sandeep Sharma through everything that you can so that he'll never do this again or at least take responsibility for his unprofessional self.

Another suggestion: Your blog only goes so far. Contact the press. Someone you know in a newspaper maybe. With a lot of people moving back to India these days, an incident like yours could be picked up as a trend story by a keen reporter.

And let Sandeep Sharma know you are doing both. Keep proof of all emails and communication.

All the best.