Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kill-Joy Birds.

OK, so I don't have a green thumb, and I know it. That is the reason I had handed over the watering-the-plants responsibility to the GP in Dubai, where I was really attempting to grow some potted plants. I was amazed at how well they had grown with him watering them for 10-15 days while I was visiting India. The difference in the way the plants had reacted was obvious to me, and the responsibility was promptly handed over to the one, the plants loved more. After a while of that, we are now in a new land, and here I have a garden, a reasonably decently sized backyard, and lots of time at hand.

The garden has all kinds of plants in place, quite messed up, and I am a bit hesitant to actually walk in and clean it all up, esp, with the random spiders and insects I have seen. I have so far restricted my duty to the bi-weekly watering with the hose up front. In the backyard though, I have a lot of empty pots, and the desires for a kitchen garden have been on the rise, since some ingredients very essential to my cooking, are just so expensive here. And hence I decided to test my skills with coriander/cilantro. Mailed up friends, took tips, and set to work, if you can call it that. Just layered one of the pots with some manure, dropped some seeds into it, and watered it daily. After about 10 days, the seeds sprouted and I could see tiny green leaves making their way up. The brain was filled with thoughts of green chicken, and more within the next fortnight. What was I to know, what is to come.

A few days back, the old house on the plot adjoining my backyard was demolished. Followed, by completely uprooting about 6 huge trees which had resided there. Now there lies a flat piece of open land. The birds which had been living in those trees were suddenly finding themselves homeless, and I see them at all hours of the day, sitting on that land and pecking. I know not what, though. Yesterday I went to water my new saplings-of-joy, after coming back from the BB's playgroup, and what do I see? There are none. I am sure there were atleast 8-10 of them, and now there were none. This is just so not fair. My first attempt ever at growing something edible, and this is what happens. Maybe its a sign from God telling me not to interfere in the cycle of nature, with my bound to be doomed attempts. I was hoping to click photos, and put then up on the blog when they are a little bigger, and none of that is going to happen now.

So for now, I am quite dejected. All plans related to any gardening like activities have been shelved. This is so not done, why did those dastardly birds have to peck away my very first attempts. I am so so so never going to forgive them. I hate you, you bad bad birds. And all kinds of sympathies, hugs, and affection from everyone is most welcome at this point in time.


Sraboney said...


Plants hate me too...

Trish said...

Awww..this is such a bad thing!!damn the birds!!try again GM!! and this time keep a little scarecrow!LOL!

mindspace said...

ha ha ha,, welcome to the club baby.. even i hv not had a dhania harvest in my garden ever, but hv seen it flourishing at MIL and my sisters place.. to save it from the birds, you should have covered it with hay or newspaper for the initial few days/weeks.. mine grew 3 inches tall but as soon as the 3rd leaves started showing, it started drying.. no idea why :(

hugs n keep trying i say!

Momo's Ma said...

oh, thats sad. but dont lost hope. do try again.i too have just got plants, and mine too are gtting attacked by pigeons n there is nothign i can do abt it. they took off with the tulsi on day 1 itself and i had to get another one later.

Reflections said...

Awww....poor poor baby!!!!

Shoo the birdies away continously for a few days & they'll get the message. Then start again!!!!

Think of this way...often a bad beginning leads to greater success...yeah well I made it up but I now believe in it 100%;-o

Passionate Goof said...

Bones - You too? Oh. :(

Trish - I will, i will try again!

Tara - Oh! they do? But you have grown so many other things, this was my very first attempt.

Momo's Ma - Don't remind me about Tulsi. I dried some seeds from my plant in Sharjah, and managed to keep them with me, all the way till I got here, and now just a couple of weeks back, they have gone missing. :(

Reflections - Dekho na! Kitni na insaafi hai. I hope my next attempt is more fruitful! Will believe in your words.

Shrutzz said...

oh ho....try try try lady!!!
Hows BB doing?
Hey, its my long term love, passion for gardening..I don't have that facility and permission now, but for usre one fine day, am gonna start this...

hey, talk to them in the morning and see, if it likes you (wink)

Just call me 'A' said...

ha ha ha..sorry cannot help laughing...i'm imagining you pouting....the birds must have laughed too :)...anyways...look at it as a good deed. you gave the birds food :)

koi nai...try again GM, I'm sure teh birds will fly away somewhere else soon :)