Saturday, February 6, 2010

What The Mailman Brought

Today morning, the mailman, rang my door bell, and he had this big package with my name on it. Obviously I eagerly took it, signed off for it, and got down to tearing the package cover.
And see what was inside.....

A gorgeous bag for my new camera. It is part of some promotion by Cannon, I had to mail them my bill, and a cut out of the serial no. from the camera box, and I got this gorgeous camera bag, which can pack in an extra lens, and some more. I am totally in love with it.


Sraboney said...

Happy photographing!

Anonymous said...

that must be a pleasant surprise.
lucky u.

hey btw, i have been following ur blog for quite sometime now. but noticed today only u r frm melb. do u knw any more personal blogger frm melb. it's always feels good to read local blogs. isn't it?

Passionate Goof said...

Bones - thanks. :)

desininja - Hi there. You in melbourne too? There are a few other bloggers from here I read.